Nervous About Having Permanent Makeup

Nervous About Having Permanent Makeup?

Okay, you’re considering permanent makeup, what can you expect after your first application?  Typically the area treated will be red to pink, tender, swollen and generally twice as dark as the end result desired. The initial 3 days is all

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Take A Break With Permanent Eyebrows

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Do you have thinning or sparse eyebrows and want a break from the daily job of penciling, powdering or drawing them on?  Take a break with permanent eyebrows, you won’t have to draw your brows each time you leave your

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Experienced Permanent Makeup Artist Fort Lauderdale

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Permanent makeup seems like such as huge commitment that most people are afraid to get it with the fear things go wrong. When it comes to Sarah Oliver, this should be the least of your worries. Sarah Oliver is an

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What Color Permanent Eyeliner Is Best For Blue Eyes?


Having permanent makeup eyeliner means no more worrying about your eyeliner smudging, having raccoon eyes or just giving up and not wearing any eye makeup at all. This is the time of year Spring and into Summer that women think,

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Look and Feel Great with Permanent Makeup


Many years ago I was led to take a course in permanent makeup. I had always been artistically inclined and it seemed like a good creative outlet at the time. Our second child was now approaching her first birthday and

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Concerns About Having Permanent Makeup Applied

permanent makeup

I begin this blog article with a few concerns clients have asked today during the pre-procedure consultation. Each of them good and valid, be it question, concern or statement. First I will begin with a statement expressed as a compliment to

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Do tattooed areolas and nipples really make a difference?

areola tattoo

Over the years I have met with many women to discuss areola tattoos, who have found themselves at the end of a series of surgeries lacking the sense of being complete or whole, just not feeling like themselves. Let me state this:

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Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows

perm eye jan

Have you been thinking about having permanent makeup for your eyebrows? If so, chances are that your brows are sparse or thinning so your brows tattooed may be your answer.

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A New Year, A New You with Permanent Makeup

Beauty Portrait. Beautiful Spa Woman Touching her Face

Permanent Makeup is the perfect way to get the “new you” on. Are you tired of getting up each day dreading the thought of putting your makeup on just right? Well you are certainly not alone. Billions of women use

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Restoring Lip Shape with Permanent Makeup

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There are a variety of permanent makeup procedures that restore the lip and give the individual client the look they prefer.  The alternatives range from liner liners, lip liners with blending or shading, full lip coloration and then the multi-colored

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