Get a “Non-Surgical” Facelift with Permanent Makeup

Do you want to look as good as you feel? More and more women are choosing to have it all with our “Full Face” signature application. Permanent eyebrows, eyeliner and lip color applied for an instant rejuvenation give you the appearance of a younger you all the time…it’s like a virtual facelift!

Do you look mad, sad or tired? Lines, wrinkles and discoloration are most often the culprits. Makeup applied correctly can instantly restore facial features giving you a natural, youthful and rested appearance. Yes, permanent makeup takes years off…without surgery and little to no “downtime”.

Eyeliner may be permanently placed in your lashes to make them appear thicker and darker, accenting your eyes. It’s eyeliner that will not smudge – you can’t cry, swim, or sweat it off. Eyeliner can be applied from softly defined to bold to give you the look you desire.

For those with little or no brow, Eyebrows are designed to suit just you, using soft color rendering for a hair-like look or choose from other variations to fit your look and style. Our most popular combination for shaping, shading and correction of brows uses a “hair-stroke and powder technique” for a “non-surgical” brow lift.

Lip liner or full lip color restores lips that are loosing shape or disappearing. Correct uneven lips and soften lines finishing with an all-over hue without the need for lipstick, even after it’s worn off! As we age color disappears, fine lines appear, our lips thin and they loose definition, Sometimes aging lines around the mouth can give us a sad or tired look. Restoring the shape and natural color can perk up your lips and give you a smile from the inside out.

Leave your mirror at home and feel terrific knowing that your makeup is perfect, regardless of your activities. Choose the ease of a “wash and wear” face with confidence with permanent cosmetics, also called micropigmentation that never smudges or wears off. It’s the perfect answer for the woman who is “on the go”, short of time, allergic to conventional makeup, aging or has physical anomalies or cannot see clearly enough to apply makeup daily.

“Permanent Makeup is a beautiful choice to enhance, restore and revitalize your natural beauty, not as conventional makeup that could become outdated as fashion trends change.” Says Sarah


Scroll below for more images of Sarah’s before and after permanent makeup.