Nervous About Having Permanent Makeup

Nervous About Having Permanent Makeup?Okay, you’re considering permanent makeup, what can you expect after your first application? 
Typically the area treated will be red to pink, tender, swollen and generally twice as dark as the end result desired. The initial 3 days is all about the area producing a “healing cover” that resembles a light crust. If the area treated is “weeping” at all use a damp, moist pad to blot the area gently every five minutes or so. It’s my practice to apply a cool compress post procedure so that when you leave the studio the area treated is calm and cool.
For curiousity sake you ask, “What is weeping?” Simply put it is a clear fluid that sometimes has a little blood in it that your body forms to seal up or protect the open skin. Think of it as nature’s band-aid. Its best to gently blot this with a moist towelette so that it doesn’t dry up and cause the treated area to scab up. The formation of a scab is not just esthetically unpleasing, often times as it falls off naturally it can cause color loss.
For the best results and healthy heal stay cool, avoid getting hot and sweating for the first three days to give the body a chance to heal without reopening treated area. After a lip procedure its best to keep conversation low-key and not overly expressive as it may prolong this initial part of the healing process whereby the retention of color could be compromised.
Having permanent makeup applied for the first time is a process that almost always involves a follow-up appointment. Followups serve to “perfect or refine” your color and design. Now that you have had a period of time to wake up with your makeup on you may have some minor adjustments to complete your desired look.
For new procedures follow up applications are usually administered at 4-6 weeks. Follow up sessions are perfect for “tweaking” the permanent makeup in areas where you may have healed away more color than others — so filling in and balancing color saturation or evening up lines is the focus. In addition, a follow-up session can reinforce the design and give the procedure a longer lasting result.
I begin the follow-up appointment with a consultation, so that I can get a good understanding of what, if any concerns my client has. I evaluate her by checking her face with features relaxed, smiling and brows raised. Often times it can be expression patterns that determine what additional permanent makeup is needed.

Having the confidence of my clients when applying their permanent makeup is important to me; and giving them a look that feels like them or better is the goal.

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