Permanent Makeup Correction

Regain your natural beauty with permanent makeup correction — Sarah’s skill and artistic abilities will restore your confidence in permanent makeup.

Answers for permanent makeup problems and mistakes
FACT: Over half of the visitors landing on this website are desiring permanent makeup correction.

Permanent Cosmetics and paramedical tattooing can change a person’s life and how they feel about themselves in a positive way — but only when those procedures are performed correctly and safely by a Qualified Practitioner.

Permanent Makeup Correction Methods

Sarah “inherits” many clients as a result of improperly placed eyebrows; uneven brows, lips and eyeliner placement; color correction for procedures that do not look natural; as well as “overly-corrected” procedures.

With many years of permanent makeup application on clients of varied age, ethnicity and skin health; Sarah combines the following methods to bring about the correction to give you the freedom of time, money and worry that was promised when you first chose micropigmentation.

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Need Permanent Makeup Correction?

Correcting poorly implanted pigment can be a rewarding experience. Sarah combines the art of facial geometry, design, and color theory to dramatically improve permanent makeup that is not suited to the individual. Every individual is a new canvas and every correction is unique. Specialty Tattooing is a coloring process and requires multiple sittings. Sarah has performed thousands of procedures and is recommended by Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and physicians.

Color Correction to adjust or neutralize colors that are orange, pink, blue, purple or green using custom blended pigments to bring about the desired and/or natural color. The color value (intensity i.e. light, medium, dark) can be adjusted if healed color is too much or not enough.


During the procedure colors are implanted and they “mingle” with color given off by our circulatory systems. Understanding and identifying proper skin undertones is only part of the job. Other important factors included, but are not limited to: knowing your pigments and their properties, anatomy of the body area that is being worked on, age and condition of the skin, techniques best suited for the procedure, understanding and experience in working with the tattooing implement/machine.

Factors that can contribute to color changes include but are not limited to: Improper consultation and/or Pre/Post Care Instructions; use of aspirin based products and blood thinners 1 week prior to procedure(s); sun (including tanning booth); salt from the environment and foods; acids from foods and topical products; professional hair color applied to tint light or gray eyebrows; whitening toothpastes and teeth whitening services; and chemical facial treatments.

Reshape previously applied permanent makeup to give you the shape or design you desire. Having the wrong shape can be psychologically draining whether your procedure needs a little “tweeking” or significant reshaping to improve or restore the shape, symmetry and balance. Sarah’s artistic ability demonstrated with conventional cosmetics prior to applying your new procedure will put you at ease and restore your confidence in permanent makeup.

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