Permanent Makeup for Eyebrows or Microblading?

Are your brows disappearing?


I am asked so often, “What is your most popular permanent makeup tattoo procedure?” Hands down, its permanent eyebrows, also known as eyebrow tattoo. Having said that, you are probably considering having your brows tattooed, or the fairly new buzz in cosmetic services— “microbladed”. I hope that you find this article interesting and that you get the look you want once having made your decision.

Know this — on an average, your natural eyebrows have a life span of about four months. Yes, from the time the hair falls out until you have re-growth filling its place you have four months of more penciling and powdering them in.

In spite of that great fact, we have more eyebrow hairs than we imagine. According to what I was told by a hair transplant surgeon, you can have as many as 250 hairs per eyebrow. Furthermore that, “never-plucked-before” brows can have upwards to 1100 hairs.  I say, “Thank goodness” they don’t all fall out at the same time (uh —well, for most).

So what do you need to get your brows to look their best?  You probably have one or more of these concerns:

  • You wish to fiIl-in sparse areas where brow hairs are missing or no longer grow back.
  • Your arches have disappeared making it seem like you’re tired or you look sad.
  • You have either no inner eyebrows (just dashes) or perhaps the inner brow area is the only place that you have eyebrows (like commas).
  • Your eyebrows have disappeared.
  • You are experiencing hair loss due to chemo treatments.
  • You have over-plucked and eyebrow hairs are not growing back.

Choosing between Eyebrow Tattoo and Microblading

Let’s go over your options— genetics as well as other factors play a part in deciding which colors and techniques are best for you. As an artist and practitioner I enjoy the privilege of working with men and women of all ages and ethnicities. Their concerns remedied by cosmetic or permanent makeup. Additionally, I treat the face, breast, body, and scalp to improve the appearance of scars resulting from surgery, burn or injuries.

Permanent makeup for the eyebrow is still a big part of my daily offering with women wanting a lasting solution to restore their eyebrow color, design and look. Ladies, know when choosing your new brows there are several techniques such as hair stroke, feathering, powdering and any number of combinations that can be achieved including the variations of custom-blended colors.

It is my policy to see each individual for a private, complimentary no-obligation consultation to be sure that all questions and concerns have been answered and that each procedure is discussed in detail. I can’t over-emphasize how important it is to understand your treatment recommendations and the care necessary before, during and after for the best outcome.

Whether your choice is permanent makeup, microblading or combination of the two— it will be one of the best things you’ve done for yourself.

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