Permanent Makeup

Do you wish to find out how permanent makeup can rejuvenate and improve your appearance? Maybe you can’t see well enough to apply your makeup or have an active lifestyle and want to look your best at all times. Whatever the reason permanent makeup is an ideal solution for you.

Are you a candidate? You may wish to consider semi-permanent cosmetic pigmentation if you…

  • Wish to refresh and improve your appearance
  • Participate in sports or have an active lifestyle and need to look your best at all times
  • Suffer from makeup allergies
  • Wear contact lens
  • Have visual or motor impairment making the application of makeup difficult
  • Have thin, uneven, deformed, wrinkled or pale lips
  • Have thin, uneven or poorly shaped eyebrows
  • Suffer from the hair loss condition called Alopecia
  • Are a chemotherapy or radiology patient
  • Have embarrassing scars from injury, illness or surgery

Eyebrows…Make A Difference

The procedure allows fill-in of sparse eyebrows, reshape of poorly arched or uneven eyebrows, and new eyebrows to anyone who has suffered eyebrow loss (Alopecia, burns, or electrolysis).

Eyeliner… No More Smudging or Smearing

This is a wonderful procedure to prevent smeared eye makeup, and for women who are allergic to makeup or contact wearers. Various looks and colors can be achieved such as subtle eyelash enhancements, soft smudges for a smoky-eye look, or more dramatic lines for a bolder you. Top, bottom, or both eyelines can be tattooed, enhancing the shape and complimenting the natural color of your eyes.

Lip Coloration…the Ultimate Lip Fix

Micropigmentation is used to change the shape, size and color of uneven, thin or pale lips. It can dramatically renew lips by camouflaging the facial lines around the lips, creating a beautiful, crisp, smooth lipline and preventing bleeding of lipstick. A wide variety of colors and shades can be achieved from the soft nudes to beautiful reds for the more dramatic.

The term for “Permanent make-up” is Intra-dermal Cosmetics, Intradermal Pigmentation, or Microsurgical Pigmentation. Permanent makeup is an exciting procedure that offers new options and new hope to many people who have suffered hair loss and other concerns that may be the result of medication, aging or physical anomalies. Permanent makeup creates a look that lasts!