Say Goodbye Lip Pencil, Hello Permanent Lipstick!

Goodbye Lip Pencil Hello Permanent Lipstick

Are you are tired of penciling your lips on, eating your lipstick off and reapplying your makeup?

If you are sick and tired of wasting your time and money on cosmetics —and want to look as good as you feel then read on and find out how permanent lip color can give you the look and freedom you want… all the time.

You say “Yesssss”. Then kiss your lip pencils goodbye!

When I ask women about the one cosmetic they never leave home without— 9 times out of 10 they tell me “lipstick.” While 1-in-3 of us almost never leave home without our makeup on, many women reapply their makeup (or a portion of it) within just one to three hours, depending on their activities.

So it’s no surprise that when I’m speaking with women about permanent makeup, that saving time and looking their best, are reason they say they are not putting permanent lip tattoo  off any longer.

A Typical Consultation for Permanent Lip Color

Imagine that you are seated at my consultation area. Let’s consider the questions and concerns you may have as we explore your options for permanent lip color:

  1. Let’s begin— speak to me about any imperfections that you would like to have corrected or minimized. I’m a big believer for getting as much “WOW” for your $$. Most often women have lines around the mouth that distract, and in some cases can appear to make them tired, mad or sad. I can easily demonstrate the makeup trick to correct this and create the illusion of a softer, smoother lip line.
  2. If you’re looking to rejuvenate your look, I am pleased to be able to restore your lip line design and custom-blend your personal lip color. Each of us has four natural (personal) colors — our hair color, eye color, skin tone, and our natural lip color. As an artist I’m going to use artistic principles, and my love for color to renew your look and take years off with injectables or surgery.
  3. Do you wear lipstick each day or do you simply “gloss and go”? How would full lip color lend itself to your desired look? No matter what style or occassion — permanent makeup will assure your confidence as you put your best face forward, daytime or evening.
  4. Perhaps it has been so long since you have had lips that you are not sure about the shape and design. Let me show you your lips and mouth restored with a quick demo! As we age the area between the underside of our nose and upper lip can become elongated, the cupid’s bow softens and the corners turn down. You might be experiencing this to some degree. These are some of my most exciting before and afters because as I redefine the shape of the upper lip it restores your smile. No more sad or mad or tired looks. Yayyy!
  5. Whether you have had permanent lip color tattoo before or not understanding the “pre” and “post” procedure instructions is vital. You can expect healing about 5-7 days. Following the instructions makes your healing fairly predicable and you will have the best result of the desired outcome. I will have plenty of examples to show you of my work before, during and after all procedures!

During your private consultation I will educate you completely about the procedure from pre-numbing, design, application and healing. You will be given a copy of my recommendations including your fee quote. Having it all in writing is the best policy because you can then refer to it for understanding.

Now then, you have a general idea of my consultation flow. Your personal concerns, skin conditions, and health will be covered in our conversation and will help me to address in any additional essential factors that will allow you to make an informed choice for yourself.

Whether you are looking to save time, have a physical impairment that makes putting your makeup on difficult or you would like a more youthful look — permanent makeup for the lips is a wonderful solution. It’s fabulous having such fun choices. Think about it — a more beautiful YOU without surgery that will make looking your best easy breezy!

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